About regular milongas and practicas in Vilnius

Vilnius community of tango dancers exists more than 10 years and it's not a big community. However, regular social tango events, milongas and practicas, are happening every week for many years.

We'll make our best to provide information about milongas and practicas in www.tangoinfo.lt or you'll find information following links we will provide. Also you can always ask by writing an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Milonga on Fridays

Since many years milonga on Fridays is the main milonga in Vilnius tango community (see the story in the blog Tango, etc, in lithuanian only, try this Google translation, sorry for quality :-).

The place of Friday milonga is not fixed, so you have to wait for announcement in Yahoo! group Tango VilniusFacebook group Tango Vilnius, Facebook group Tango Milonguero Vilnius, www.tangoinfo.ltwww.tangolink.lt or www.tangoargentino.lt . Organizers, name and the format of the milonga can be different every Friday..

But one rule never changes: there's always a milonga in Vilnius on Fridays ! So if you can't find announcement, just be pacient, it will come. Or contact local dancers and ask.

Milonga on Mondays

Milonga Mondays takes place regulary usualy from 8:30 PM to 11 PM. Currently it is Milonguita, contact organizers for more information in www.tangolink.lt 

Practica MU on Wednedays

Practica MU is an informal milonga every Wednesday 8 PM - 10:30 PM since year 2008. Although format of a practica assume some learning, actually Vilnius tango dancers uses it as time to meet, dance and socialize. See more info in article About Practica MU, where MU means MUsic. Or read regular announcements in Tango Milonguero Vilnius or here in  www.tangoinfo.lt .


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