About Practica MU, where MU means MUsic


practica mu lentute smallPractica MU is a regular social tango event, where you can not only dance to your pleasure, but also have practice and learn subtleties of dance as well as learn more about tango music. 

Practica MU is "informal milonga" where social codes of milonga are not usualy observed. Also it is not a "guided practica". The mission of Practica MU is to create environment where beginners and less experienced dancers can come together and learn tango, dance and culture directly from community. For experienced tango dancers Practica MU is a non-formal meeting point where one can dance, socialize and meet people who are new to the community in relaxed atmosphere.

Feel free to ask for an advise or help in different tango-related questions from hosts of the Practica MU Ramunė and Evaldas as well as other exprienced dancers. This way you learn from tango community and it's no less or even more valuable than learning in normal lessons.  

The concept of Practica MU was invented by Ramunė and Evaldas and regular practica was started in the fall of 2008. MU (pronounced "moo") in the name means MUsic. The name "Practica MU" (MOO) is also an ironic allusion to ultra-nuevish and anti-traditionalist Practica X in Buenos Aires, in La Viruta :) In the Practica MU we ephasize importance of musicality in the dance and importance of classical tango music in tango education.

We also aim to introduce classical tango dance music (Golden Age and earlier) in its variety to dancers thus helping to develop their sense of style and taste. For tango dancer being educated about tango orquestas, styles, etc is something similar to connoisseur of vines to know region, vintage years, grape varieties, taste and so on. Otherwise it is just an alcohol.

Unsually one day before every Practica MU we announce music which will be played in that specific practica: please follow annoncements in Yahoo! group Tango VilniusFacebook group Tango Vilnius, www.tangoinfo.lt.

Practica MU usualy happens on Wednesdays, from 8 PM to 10:30 PM. Place: Ševčenkos str. 16a, Vilnius, Lithuania, in the basement of hotel eLoftHotel. 

Organizer's contacts: email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , mob. +370 618 02803 (Ramunė)