About Ramunė and Evaldas

Evaldas and Ramunė (Ramona) are couple of tango lovers from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Both dance tango since 2001. They are and always were enthusiasts of tango milonguero. For them tango milonguero is not just a style of dancing, but an attitude to tango as a subtle century-old culture of social (non-professional, non-stage) dancing, way of communication among urban people emerged in milongas of Buenos Aires.

For many years Ramunė and Evaldas have been active participants of Lithuanian, Baltic and, especially, Vilnius tango communities. Being non-professionals, they see their mission in tango community development, social events (milongas), popularizacion of tango culture of Buenos Aires. Many iniciatives in the community comes from them. Since year 2007 Evaldas is active tango DJ and owner of big collection of tango music. 

For many years Ramunė and Evaldas actively contributed to main "Friday" milonga of Vilnius tango community, by taking care of venues, DJing, announcements etc thus ensuring it's relentless regularity. Since 2008 they organized numerous tango seminars with invited tango teachers, many milongas and other occasional social tango events in the community. In year 2010 they started to organize Midsummer Tango events in Lithuania, among them in 2011 they started the first tango marathon in Baltic states Midsummer Tango in Vilnius

Since year 2008 they organize weekly Praktika MU, in the beginning as educational project devoted to tango music, now the informal milonga. Since 2012 they organize Milonga Típica, Buenos Aires centro-style milonga in Vilnius.

Evaldas and Ramunė dancing style usually is called estilo del centro, outside Buenos Aires often known as close embrace, estilo milonguero etc. But the truth is, that after all these years, after trying so many different teachers, dancing styles, from tango nuevo until canyengue, also many other social caribean and swing dances such as salsa, lindyhop, balboa etc, one might say they are dancing their own style of tango. They had a chance to learn from many renowned tango teachers, however their real teachers are milongueros from whom they learned, mostly in Buenos Aires. 


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