Tango DJ Evaldas

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Music is the the most important part of tango culture. 

Music leads the leader!


 DJ Evaldas (Evaldas Drąsutis) has been collecting and studying tango music as well as playing it in milongas since 2007. He was one the pioneers of tango DJing in Lithuania and in Baltic countries on that level of quality standart which is now widely accepted: only traditional tango music from Golden Age and earlier, consistent tandas and sequence of it, diversity of orquestras, high fidelity of recordings. For many years he has been involved in educational activity, spreading awareness of tango orquestras, music styles and history in the community. 

Since year 2007 Evaldas played tango music in hundreds of milongas (more than 400): at least weekly as resident DJ in local milongas and practicas, international tango festivals, marathons, and encuentros of the Baltic countries, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania. 

Evaldas consistently follows traditions of tango de Buenos Aires, he plays best danceable tango music from up to 50ies with tandas and cortinas. Being experienced dancer himself, Evaldas first of all aims to please dancers in the milonga, in the same time he doesn't abandon the duty of tango DJ to develop tastes and musicality of the community as well as expanding it's musical horizons.

In the search of genuine spirit of the social dancing he often visits Buenos Aires. Aníbal Troilo is his top favourite orquestra, while some say his personality is tuned to the energy of Juan D'Arienzo. In the same time, majestic sound of 50s Carlos Di Sarli, drama of Osvaldo Pugliese, craziness of Rodolfo Biagi or romantics of Osvaldo Fresedo he likes no less. He's also a big fan of old orquestras from 30-es and 20-ies, however he never plays it more than few tandas, just  to take the best from diversity of tango orquestras and to emphasize the contrast between their energies.